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From MGM stars to man-eaters: 10 of the most famous lions throughout history

Lions (Panthera leo) are some of the most iconic creatures on Earth. Unusual among big cats for both their social behaviour and striking sexual dimorphism, these ‘kings of beasts’ have been important to humans since the dawn of mankind. Some lions have even managed to transcend the general notoriety of their species to stake out … Continued

6 incredible plans to redefine the future of space travel

Modern technologies have allowed humans to access even the most remote areas of Earth’s surface. Satellites, submarines and remotely piloted drones now traverse our world from the depths of the ocean to the thin reaches of the upper atmosphere. But our species’ future in space has only just begun. As advances in design and computing … Continued

The Riddle of Antimatter

Humans have come a very long way on our journey to understand the universe. From classical astronomers charting the movements of the stars, to the recent discoveries of the Higgs boson and gravitational waves, mankind’s progress in exploring the relationships between matter, space and time has been astounding. Despite these achievements, some of the most … Continued

The far flung origins of 8 common houseplants

Houseplants are a vital part of our indoor environments. Commonly overlooked, and all too often killed by neglect, vacations, and marauding housecats, indoor plants provide valuable services by absorbing toxins, improving indoor air quality, and soothing the forest-loving inner primate in all of us. Let’s take a look at the far-flung origins of 8 common … Continued

The strange tale of the American woodpecker that came back to life, at least for a little while

As North America’s mighty Mississippi River meanders southward to its terminus in the Gulf of Mexico, it creates a range of spectacular wetland habitats unlike anywhere else on Earth. Bayous, swamps, and bottomland hardwood forests thrive on the fertile alluvial soils of the Mississippi floodplains, which are saturated by regular to near-permanent flooding. These primeval … Continued

7 of the strangest plants found among the fishes

We often think of dry land as the domain of plants, which inhabit nearly every terrestrial part of the globe, including habitats as diverse as tropical rainforests, northern tundra and scorching deserts. Less well known, however, are the plants that colonised the ocean sometime after the evolution of land plants 450 million years ago. Unlike … Continued

We reckon you haven't heard of these 10 giant animals before

Giant animals are hard to miss. While scientists continue to discover new species each year, the vast majority of these creatures are small, cryptic, and often inhabit remote or inhospitable places. Still, some enormous animals have managed to elude mainstream attention. Take a look at these 10 massive species you may never have heard of before. 10. … Continued

10 amazing space missions you never knew about

Few things excite the human imagination like space travel. Missions to walk on the moon, land probes on speeding comets, or drive robots across Mars are undeniably thrilling, and remind us of just how far we’ve come from our humble primate roots. While the most electrifying missions are splashed across the headlines every few years, … Continued

The strange tale of two mutations that nearly destroyed—then saved—a tribe of organ-eating cannibals

As anyone who’s seen a recent superhero film can tell you, mutation is an incredible thing. In the real world, mutations are just as amazing—providing the primary source of genetic variation and diversity in populations of living things. This diversity supplies the raw material for the process of evolution, which enables species to adapt to … Continued

Blood, suckers: 6 types of mosquito that make mankind's life miserable (+1 that's not too bad)

With the recent explosion of stories about the Zika virus, the world’s attention has once again returned to mosquitos. Sometimes called ‘the most dangerous animal on Earth’, mosquitos have been part of ecosystems around the globe since at least the Cretaceous period, and have been a pest to humans throughout recorded history. While it’s easy … Continued

Domesticating Nemo

Saltwater aquariums are undeniably beautiful. Glass tanks filled with darting jewel-bright fish, swaying corals and scuttling invertebrates have been mesmerising humankind since the 1960s, and the aquarium hobby has only grown in popularity in the half-century since. While advances in technology have revolutionised the designs and capabilities of saltwater systems over the past few decades, … Continued