Love Nature To The Rescue

Researchers from Mozambique’s Zavora Marine Lab, working with Love Nature jumped straight into action this week to save the life of a giant leatherback turtle. The turtle – a rare sight along Zavora beach – was entangled in an illegal fishing net cast close to shore. Marine researchers had just minutes to save the giant … Continued

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Meet the Ryan Gosling of the forest

The male Temminck’s Tragopan pheasant has an incredible mating display, which has earned him the title of ‘Ryan Gosling of the forest’. See this pheasant strut his stuff in the clip above.

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Dancing dung beetles memorise the sky and navigate using sun, moon and stars

Dung beetles take snapshots of the sky and use the mental images to navigate, a new scientific study has revealed. And, according to researchers in Sweden, not only do the little manure-munching insects have the capability of accurately scanning the position of the sun, the moon and patterns in the stars—they memorise the map while … Continued

Sleepless super slugs about to explode in Britain

An army of sleepless super slugs is about to mount an assault on British gardens, according to experts who say that the freakishly warm and wet winter the country has just experienced was insufficiently cold to trigger the gastropods’ urge to hibernate. Slugs remain active when temperatures stay above 5°C, happily chomping and romping their … Continued

Behold the beauty of the Northern Lights

Need a moment to reflect and escape the day-to-day doldrums? Drift off and leave your troubles behind with this incredible video of the Aurora Borealis. It is truly mesmerizing!

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Watch these mesmerizing jellyfish

Want to learn more about these wonderful creatures? Check out our article on The Weird and Wonderful World of Jellyfish.

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