8 animal-rescue documentaries to renew your faith in humankind

We’ve all seen the videos; heard the heartwarming stories. An animal is in distress—it’s scared, alone, potentially injured, when all of a sudden a human or two comes along to help. Through the hard work of a few determined individuals, the creature is rescued, rehabilitated, and—all good things willing—soon released back into the wild. Sometimes these rescue operations are the work of dedicated professionals, vets, rangers and rescue services, but a lot of the time the helping hand comes from the general public, who just knew they needed to help out.

At Love Nature, we’ve written several articles on how everyday people, as well as experienced professionals, are helping save the animals of our planet. From five easy ways you can help animals by using modern technology, to our Make a Difference page and all the great work our charity partners are doing out in the field of conservation and animal rescue.

This weekend we’re highlighting the documentaries in our video streaming service that showcase the great and the good work nature-loving animal rescuers all over the world are undertaking. Have a watch, and be inspired by just how selfless a species we can be, when we put our minds to it.


1719711Norin’s Ark: Savannah

Norin Chai is a brilliant and compassionate veterinarian. For more than twenty years, he has been working to protect and care for wild animals all over the world. In this episode, Norin is faced with the challenge of mending a deep wound on a young elephant’s trunk. Unless action is taken quickly, it could become highly infected and would have to be amputated.

1881843-1Norin’s Ark: Good Karma

Norin has arrived in his ancestral home of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Many decades ago, his family and the local wildlife suffered greatly under the extreme brutality of the Khmer Rouge. Today, all Norin can do is pass on his deep sense compassion and medical expertise to a new generation of veterinarians.

1796780-1Norin’s Ark: All She Needs is Love

Norin Chai’s latest expedition takes him to the Indonesian island of Sumatra to operate on an adult tigress’ injured paw and examine an orangutan with a potentially contagious respiratory infection. If both procedures are successful, these animals can both be released from captivity.

1124844Wild Orphans: Tota, an Amazonian Monkey

The Woolly monkeys of the Amazon rainforest are in rapid decline due to the incursion of industry, deforestation and poaching. To protect these primates from smugglers wishing to sell them on the black market, conservationists must take immediate action.

1038067Wild Orphans: The Giants Of Tsavo—Kenya

A baby elephant wanders the African savanna alone; her parents killed by ivory poachers. The Nairobi elephant orphanage can provide her with nourishment and shelter, but equally important is the mental comfort she will need if she is to survive.

1025710-1In Bed With Wolves: From Austria to Montana and Back

Intimate understanding through intimate contact is exactly what scientists from Austria’s Wolf Science Center hope will result from their immersion into timber wolf society. Eating, playing and sleeping with wolves are all part of this remarkable experiment that seeks to understand how the other side lives.

1025711In Bed With Wolves: Six Pups and A Funeral

Another two wolf pups have been adopted from Switzerland when a tragedy strikes the Center. The scientists are deeply saddened by the sudden loss and wonder how it will affect the rest of the wolf pack.

In Bed With Wolves: 1025712A Pack of Pranksters

The six wolf pups have matured into adolescents and are ready to be integrated into rest of the pack. However, an unexpected power struggle has shifted the social dynamics of the group. How will the trainers respond and restore harmony to the pack?

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