What’s a swimming down in the deep ocean?

Have you ever experienced that moment where you’re playing in the ocean and go to stand up, only to find the seafloor has completely dropped away from you?

What lies in the deeper depths of the world’s waters has always held an immense fascination for humankind, going back as far as the 4th century BC where—as Aristotle noted—divers would submerge with diving bells, ‘letting down a cauldron, for this does not fill with water, but retains the air’. Yet it wasn’t until 1960 that two humans, Jacques Piccard and Lieutenant Don Walsh, managed to reach the very bottom of the deepest known point in the ocean, Challenger Deep (10,911 metres down, some 6.8 miles) in the bathyscaphe Trieste.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about that journey? Small flounder-like fish were discovered lying on the seabed, surviving with ease the incredible pressure found this far down, a force that would have completely crushed an unprotected human. Oceanic wildlife is incredible in its ingenuity, and in the mystery that still shrouds many of these underwater species. So for this weekend’s viewing we’re recommending a selection of intense sea-going documentaries—all available on-demand via our video streaming app—for an amazing insight into what’s swimming in the sea beneath your feet, all those miles down.

1242175Life 2000 Meters Under the Sea

Follow unmanned submersibles as they dive to incredible depths. Discover the fascinating animal life that roam the ocean floor and uncover their secrets to the origin of all life on this planet.

1038065Ocean Voyagers

Witness the touching story of a mother humpback whale and her newborn son as they explore the ocean depths together. The mother must care for and protect her child as they pass through perilous waters notorious for sharks and whalers. Narrated by Meryl Streep.

696038-1Aliens of the Deep

Dive in to the deep and investigate the most fascinating creature in the ocean: the octopus. With three hearts, nine brains, eight arms and no skeleton, discover the physiological and neurological wonders of these tentacled extra-terrestrials.

1477605In the Realm of the Giants—Mysterious Cephalopods

Explore the dense kelp forests of the northern Pacific Ocean as you follow expert divers seeking out giant octopi and the legendary Humboldt squid. While studying these intelligent multi-limbed life forms we may discover that they are as curious about us as we are about them.

1653699Vicious Beauties—The Secret World of Jellyfish

Watching the graceful movement of these gelatinous animals is almost hypnotic. Although their bodies are 98% water, jellyfish are deceptively clever and dangerous. But where do these primordial creatures come from? How do they reproduce and how long do they live?

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