Why we’re singing the praises of the humble frog

To be a frog

A frog hops past,
breath coming fast.
Heart running thick,
beats coming quick—
under the little thing’s skin,
all coloured and thin,
absorbing water galore,
respiring for the frog and much, much more.

Some of the animals are the brightest green
you ever did seen,
but it may surprise you to know,
that old webbed toe
exists as nearly 5,000 species—
inspiring hundreds of different theses,
from passionate researchers all a fawning
on froggy science and tadpoles spawning

across nearly every country on Earth.
Since the very birth
of the early Triassic,
this amphibious classic
has been the inspiration of the young,
now grown up—all who’ve sung
from cities and towns filled with dust and smog,
about the perfect little life of the humble frog!


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1736546Wildlife: Frogs

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