These new natural history documentaries will help get you through the week

From the bottom of the ocean to beneath the bustling streets of Bangkok, some of the world’s most interesting animals tend to keep hidden away out of sight. So we’ve gone and searched out the best documentaries of these fascinating creatures, and the good news is they’re available to watch right now, on Love Nature’s video streaming serviceSo from slithering snakes to aggressive underwater predators, dive into natural history documentaries with this week’s great new shows.

Icons of the Wild: The Antelopes

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Follow the mighty herds of antelope as they roam across the African plains. Despite scarce food and water in the harsh, arid landscape and many falling prey to apex predators, the 72 species of African antelope still thrive in vast numbers.

Fish Life: Hazards of the Sea

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These aggressive underwater predators attack anything foolish enough to enter their territory. Some are armed with venomous stingers and spines, others have enormous mouths lined with razor-sharp fangs. These attributes offer a clear warning to all: keep away… or else!

Fish Life: Colours Code

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Discover the multi-coloured kaleidoscope of aquatic life below the ocean. But all these vivid colours and patterns aren’t just for decoration, they serve a practical function as well. Whether it’s for finding a mate or warding off predators, colour plays a vital role in underwater life.

Bangkok Bites

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In the sprawling metropolis of Bangkok, there are highly venomous residents slithering just below the city streets. Dangerous snakes taking refuge in people’s homes have become so widespread, the Thai government has deployed specially trained teams to capture, study and humanely release them back into the wild.

Environment: Utah—Part 1

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Nature Scenes are an immersive, ultra HD, Slow TV viewing experience—unencumbered by words—showing our world at its most beautiful. One hour of uninterrupted footage of Utah’s beautiful Zion National Park. Discover the deep canyons and jaw-dropping vistas of this amazing landscape including mountain goats and waterfalls.

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