Thirsty leopard gets its head stuck in metal pot

A rather unlucky male leopard was forced to spend five hours with its head stuck inside a metal pot after it went searching for water in an Indian village.

Residents of Sardul Kheda, in India’s northern state of Rajasthan, discovered the agitated animal wandering about blindly, trying in vain to remove its head from the sturdy water container.

Eventually wildlife officials arrived and tranquillised the leopard, before using a saw to remove the pot. District forest officer Kapil Chandrawal told local media that the three-and-a-half year old animal was thankfully none the worse for its ordeal.

‘We have also called veterinarians to assess its health, which is in good condition. We have also tranquilised the animal.’

‘It has been brought to a safe place,’ he added.

According to a recent wildlife census, India is estimated to be the home of a leopard population of between 12,000 and 14,000 animals, and it’s not the first time these animals have got into a bit of a sticky situation—in June, a leopard had to be rescued from a well.