We asked a moose expert what the heck is actually going on in this reader’s video

When Amanda Waggoner noticed two moose acting interestingly in her backyard, she did what any self-respecting disciple of the digital age would do: she filmed the encounter and shared it with us (below), stating: ‘[I] don’t know for sure if it’s a mama weaning… but sure does remind me of motherhood.’ Our curiosity captured, we … Continued

New Alaskan butterfly with antifreeze in its blood tells tales about climate change

A newly identified Alaskan butterfly, which is thought to be a hybrid of two ancient species that possibly mated prior to the last ice age, could be a valuable messenger for scientists studying climate change, according to a leading lepidopterist (butterfly boffin). But that’s not its only trick. Butterflies are cold-blooded creatures (although they have … Continued