Don’t believe in the Kraken? You may want to start

A behemothic ‘sea monster’ has been sighted in Antarctic waters by sharped-eyed sleuths scouring Google Earth. The satellite image has now been widely shared online and is driving internet users mad in their attempts to discern if it’s a legit photograph of the aggressive sea-beast from Norwegian folklore. Scott Waring, from is convinced: ‘I used Google … Continued

Sea of creepy ice monsters

Oceans cover more than two thirds of the world surface and contain a staggering 99% of the living space on our planet. It’s no surprise then that scientists are still turning up strange and unexpected creatures. We’ve all heard about the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle and the strange adaptations of the Deep Sea, but what … Continued

Wanted: volunteers to study penguins in Antarctica

Yesterday saw the launch of a new phase of Oxford University’s PenguinWatch, an ambitious project that began in 2014 and is aimed at recording the fortunes and monitoring the activities of Antarctica’s penguin colonies. However, for ‘PenguinWatch 2.0‘ to work properly, the British scientists need your help. By collaborating with a penguin census that has … Continued