Are gorillas anything like Donkey Kong?

In video games, Donkey Kong is a giant barrel-throwing ape who enjoys munching on bananas and hanging out with his hat-wearing monkey friend, Diddy. But do real Gorillas love any of the same things?

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What’s your favourite animal? That’s such a tough question right? There are so many incredible species right of fauna right across the planet, the task of choosing just one above all the others seem downright difficult, if not impossible. However if we were really, really forced to pick, you’d probability find chimpanzees—our closest cousins—somewhere towards the top of … Continued

Unpredictable female chimpanzee attacks

You do not want to be a stranger in a chimpanzee’s neighborhood, or you may just find yourself the victim of an all-out chimp attack. Watch Land Of The Apes, now on the Love Nature app. Not a member? Subscribe now and get your first 30 days free!

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Church of the chimp: Primates seen performing rituals and building shrines

Wildlife researchers have witnessed and filmed startling habitual behaviour being exhibited by wild chimpanzees that suggests the animals are treating certain trees as ‘sacred’, in a similar way to early humans. In rituals first noted in the Republic of Guinea, chimps were seen throwing rocks at a particular tree. In itself, this might seem unremarkable, … Continued