These amazing Ghibli gifs show off the eye-popping beauty of nature like you've never seen it before

Every Friday we feature the work of an artist, photographer or illustrator who we feel really encapsulates the love for nature we champion. So who better to feature this week than two of the most renowned illustrators of all time—Isao Takahata and Hayao Miyazaki, of the world famous Japanese animation house Studio Ghibli. If you’ve ever watched a … Continued

Exploring the mesmerising nature of pixel wildernesses

Nature has been extensively explored throughout the history of art, from paintings of woolly mammoths on cave walls to futuristic wilderness walkthroughs via virtual reality headsets. Video games are arguably the most successful medium at recreating nature. These interactive experiences are capable of immersing players in detailed natural worlds, where exploring enormous landscapes can be … Continued

Remembering Fukushima: Japanese daguerreotypist Takashi Arai links past, present and future by creating these timeless images

A partially-submerged ship. An abandoned rice field. The solemn faces of fishermen and farmers. Japanese photographer Takashi Arai hopes these carefully-captured images will connect with present and future generations, prompting them to reflect on the events of March 11th, 2011. It is now just over five years since an earthquake and tsunami took the lives … Continued


Flora Borsi is young Hungarian fine art photographer who uses photo manipulation techniques to craft surreal, dramatic bordering on theatrical images, primarily centered on expressing ideas about emotions, dreams, identity and relationships. She’s racked up awards on both sides of the Atlantic, exhibited in the Louvre, and had her work featured in a variety of … Continued

10 facts you may not know about pigeons

Whether you consider them flying pests or lovely birds, pigeons are highly intelligent creatures. So intelligent, in fact, they were considered for part of a military program in which they would operate and guide missiles. Check the video above for more fun pigeon facts! For more fun animal facts, check out Animalogic on YouTube.

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The amazing beastiary of improbable animals

Every Friday we feature the work of an artist, photographer or illustrator who we feel really encapsulates the love for nature we champion. This week we’re showcasing the art of Mateo Pizarro, who’s created the most amazing ‘Beastiary of Improbable Animals’ we think you’ll have ever seen. Here Mateo explains the project in his own words. My name is Mateo … Continued

Celebrate Valentine's Day with a homemade symbol of nature's love

As anyone who read yesterday’s article will know, the Japanese, or red-crowned, crane is widely regarded as a symbol of love, luck and fidelity. In fact—according to Japanese lore—if a hard working and dedicated individual folds one thousand origami paper cranes, then they’ll be granted a single wish come true or a lifetime of good fortune. So whilst it may … Continued

Illustrator creates beautiful images of nature's families for his newborn daughter

What would you draw if your child had just been born? For Newcastle-based illustrator Michael Sutton it was a beautiful array of different animal families. The designer, who currently works at Sumo, explained: ‘I’m a big lover of nature and I originally created those illustrations for my daughter. She had just been born and I really wanted to create a series of illustrations … Continued

These beautiful illustrations of woodland wildlife are simply serene

If you read down this article today, you’re sure of a big surprise. As you’ll go down to the woods today, and see creatures in many a painted guise. We recently stumbled upon this amazing portfolio of forest-animal artwork, and simply had to ask the artist if they’d be willing to let us feature them … Continued