The amazing beastiary of improbable animals

Every Friday we feature the work of an artist, photographer or illustrator who we feel really encapsulates the love for nature we champion. This week we’re showcasing the art of Mateo Pizarro, who’s created the most amazing ‘Beastiary of Improbable Animals’ we think you’ll have ever seen. Here Mateo explains the project in his own words. My name is Mateo … Continued

Illustrator creates beautiful images of nature's families for his newborn daughter

What would you draw if your child had just been born? For Newcastle-based illustrator Michael Sutton it was a beautiful array of different animal families. The designer, who currently works at Sumo, explained: ‘I’m a big lover of nature and I originally created those illustrations for my daughter. She had just been born and I really wanted to create a series of illustrations … Continued