Nature’s hardest workers

It’s a tough old world out there for the honeybee, which exhausts itself for 60 hours a week to produce just a thimbleful of honey. Indeed, you’d be surprised how hard some members of the animal kingdom have to work just to survive, and they’re not exactly taking sick days or going on holiday between … Continued

7 near-psychic animals that might just be able to predict disasters before they happen

Whilst precognition, the ability to see future events through extrasensory means, has not been proven in the animal kingdom (or anywhere in the known universe for that matter), anecdotal evidence still suggests that some creatures might react to disasters before they actually take place. Here are 7 powerful predictor species, who seem to be skilled … Continued

Beyond X and Y: The strange world of sex strategy in the animal kingdom

For the most part our biological sex is decided by the combination of our genes. As a species we have two types of sex chromosomes—X and Y—which pair together as XX for women and XY for men. But across the vast spectrum of life, the essential processes of sex and reproduction can get a whole … Continued

This infographic sheds light on the importance of bees

Bees are absolutely fascinating creatures, and play a vital role in the survival of our species. These buzzing insects pollinate 40% of the world’s food crops, and without them, we’d lose many natural staples in our diet. Sadly, bee populations are declining rapidly every year, in a large part due to pesticides. Alex Evans created … Continued