Everything you ever wanted to know about the illegal ivory trade, as explained by a leading elephant expert

Mary Rice has held a deep affinity with elephants for as long as she can remember. Today Executive Director of the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)—an independent campaigning organisation committed to protecting the natural world from environmental crime—and team leader of their Elephant Campaign, the author of Heat, Dust and Dreams has been fighting for the welfare of … Continued

7 frightening facts about animal fangs

Vampires and werewolves got you spooked this Halloween? You haven’t seen real fangs until you’ve come face to face with an adult hippopotamus, or felt true fear until you’ve witnessed the deadly toxic-spraying teeth of a spitting cobra. Keep reading for some genuinely frightening facts about the animal kingdom’s gnarliest gnashers. 1. Gaboon vipers fold … Continued

Baby hippo tries to play with crocodile

Fans of Disney’s Peter Pan know to ‘never smile at a crocodile’, but that does not seem to be a concern for this young hippopotamus. A resident at the Turgwe Hippo Trust in Zimbabwe, George the 9-month-old hippo seems absolutely overcome with joy at the sight of the tolerant croc. According to Karen Paolillo, who … Continued

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Safari webcams allow users to become virtual conservationists

Mozambique’s Gorongoso National Park is reaching out to citizen scientists globally for help making sense of their plethora of trail-cam data. If you’ve ever been jealous of researchers working in some of Africa’s greatest safari parks, take a moment to thank the technology gods. With the help of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, anyone with … Continued