Cannibis is killing off one of California’s cutest critters

As more and more people light up under revamped marijuana laws, not everyone is getting their chill on. Specifically, it seems like the cannabis industry’s sudden growth is once again burning wildlife. The state of California is concerned about the status of the Humbolt marten, a creature sometimes described as the west coast’s version of … Continued

Animals' art hits the auction block

Zoo animals pick up paintbrushes to help out their counterparts in the wild. Care for a piece of modern art passionately painted by a 34 year-old elephant? How about a meerkat group piece, or the slithery impressionist work of a 17-year old Ball python? If any of these items strike your fancy, and you’d like … Continued

Kayakers survive a humpback whale cannonball

This astonishing clip shot from a Monterey whale watching tour boat shows a humpback whale breaching out of the water beside a duo of paddlers, cannonballing right next to their sea kayak and flipping it over. Humpback whales weigh between 30 and 50 tons and are regularly spotted swimming in Monterey Bay, a bustling feeding ground for … Continued

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