Top 5 Spookiest Animals

From the masters of camouflage that lurk in the shadows to the most poisonous species known to man, our world is full of strange and mysterious creatures. As All Hallows’ Eve is right around the corner, Animalogic host Danielle Dufault counts down the 5 creepiest critters that are sure to send shivers down your spine. … Continued

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How do you stop a legendary Japanese wildcat from becoming roadkill?

Since big cats get the lion’s share of fame worldwide, you may have never heard of the Iriomote cat, also known as the Iriomote–yamaneko. The size of a large house cat, this cryptic and resourceful wild feline exists only on a tiny Japanese island and numbers a mere 100 or so individuals. Whether or not … Continued

The spree of London’s Serial Cat Killer continues, but what about the pet owners left behind?

At seven years old, Merlin was still quite a young and sprightly cat, smallish but with big paws and a big face. He was always looking for attention from Georgie Grange and her family, and from those he knew and liked around the quiet patch of suburban south London where they all lived. But the … Continued

Cute fix: Meerkat naps with kitten

This video, which was posted to YouTube by username Georocks22, features a kitten enjoying a cat nap alongside a wild meerkat. According to the video’s description, the footage was taken in Namibia, Africa.

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Cat’s 'picky' culinary preferences likely genetic

Researchers find that carnivores have retained bitter taste receptors—even those that have evolutionarily lost the ability to distinguish sweet flavours. While us humans savor food on many levels, most people forget that a big part of our partialities come down to our individual taste buds. Though it’s long been thought that the ability to distinguish … Continued