You Can't Outrun a Cheetah

If you ever get to see a cheetah run, don’t blink, you’ll miss it. Watch ‘Age of Big Cats’ and get your first 30 days of CuriosityStream free with the promo code

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Have you met nature's greatest Olympians?

Olympic athletes have to go through a lot. They train seven days a week, every week for years on end, pushing their body past its limits time and time again, all so that—every four years—they can compete against their peers for a chance to become ‘the best’ in the world. But what if they had to compete for Gold … Continued

Blood brothers: A family of cheetahs prove blood is thicker than water, even in the wild

All the best TV dramas revolve around themes infused with tension, conflict and resolution, as the main protagonists deal with life, love, loss and friendship, often against a backdrop of family feuds, turf wars, sex and violence. Cheetah Blood Brothers is no exception—except this is no Netflix drama, this is real life as it plays … Continued

'If only more people knew that it exists'—Meet Africa's critically endangered ghost cat

The fastest land mammal on Earth once ranged across 25 million square kilometers, from South Africa to Morocco and Iran to India. Now, the iconic cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) is a shadow of its former self. Beset on all sides by vanishing prey, declining habitat and increasing poaching, and human-wildlife conflict, the future is at best … Continued

7 little-known facts about Africa’s super seven

Africa is one of the most popular game-viewing destinations on the planet. The continent’s most famous animals were originally sought after by hunters but now it is predominantly tourists who hope to catch a glimpse of these iconic species. This week we’re airing the documentary Africa’s Super Seven on the Love Nature streaming app, so we … Continued

Watch this cheetah bring down a gazelle

Cheetahs are swift hunters, but they have to work hard in order to bring down their prey. Watch Icons of The Wild: The Predators of Africa, now on the Love Nature app. Not a member? Subscribe now and get your first 30 days free!

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Being mauled by a cheetah hasn’t slowed down Shannon Wild’s passion for wildlife photography

Everyone’s got a dream. For photographer Shannon Wild (real name Shannon Benson), that dream is to capture amazing portraits of wild animals on her camera. Shannon is one of the lucky few whose dream has become a reality. Since relocating to Africa from her native Australia to work full time as a wildlife photographer, she … Continued

3 cheetah cubs won't let mother's rejection get them down

It’s not uncommon for a cheetah mother to abandon a sick or weak baby, but while these 3 brothers are perfectly healthy, they won’t let mom’s rejection stop them from playing.

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The definitive big cat cookbook for taking down the perfect prey

Big cats are one of our planets most successful groups of predators which have existed in one form or another (Felidae) for 25 million years. Today they are found on every continent except Antarctica, living in environments ranging from dry deserts and freezing tundra to tropical rainforests and lush grasslands. The tiger, lion, jaguar, leopard, … Continued

Young cheetahs make their first kill

When it comes to survival, there are many important lessons for a mother to pass down to her offspring. For cheetahs, one of the most important lessons is the hunt. After stirring up a herd of impalas, the mother cheetah will usually take a back seat to the hunt and let her children do all … Continued

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Conservationists and techies race to #SaveTheCheetah

An unlikely partnership is hoping to change a major misconception about the awe-inspiring cat. Cheetah Mobile (CMCM), a leading Chinese mobile and utility application company, has joined forces with the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) to raise awareness about the plight of the fastest land animal in the world—also Africa’s most endangered cat. Just 100 years ago … Continued

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