Help for Santa’s helpers? The plight of reindeer in Britain

Not so long ago, the only contact children in Britain had with reindeer was finding a nibbled carrot on the fireplace beside Santa’s half eaten mince pie on Christmas morning. Nowadays, they can see Rudolf in the flesh at one of numerous festive events taking place in town centres around the country and even feed … Continued

Reindeer are Ridiculously Cute

We all know the story about Santa’s famous, annual sleigh ride around the globe, and that he’s powered by 8 tiny reindeer (9 if you count Rudolph). But mostly everything we’ve been told about those reindeer has been false (and we’re not even talking about the fact that reindeer can’t fly). Danielle Dufault explores the … Continued

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The 12 creatures of Christmas

Why is Santa’s sleigh powered by reindeer? Are partridges actually found in pear trees? And what on Earth do kangaroos have to do with the holidays? We associate a lot of animals with the festive period, but have you ever stopped to wonder why? If so, wonder no more—we’ve dug around and found out the … Continued