6 surprising animals that can change sex

Lets face it; most things in the natural world revolve around sex. Specifically, making sure you survive long enough to find and impress a mate—then have lots of offspring. It’s a complicated game that has led to all sorts of adaptations, but the one we’re sharing with you today is amongst the most surprising—the ability … Continued

Great Barrier Reef now 93% damaged by coral bleaching, and scientists are spitting fury

‘I have cried. I have broken down in front of cameras. This is the most devastating, gut-wrenching fuck up.’ Professor Justin Marshall from the University of Queensland is talking to The Guardian in unconventionally candid terms. The scientist is deeply upset. And he has good reason to be. A marine biologist, Marshall is an expert … Continued

How parrot fish build sandy beaches will gross you out

Finding out how tropical beaches become so sandy might make you want to avoid the beach for the rest of your life.

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Reefscapers: Architects of evolution in the garden of Atlantis

Reefs right around the world are in strife—we all know this. Between warming waters, rising acidification, coral bleaching, yellow-blotch disease, over-fishing, climate-change and El Niño triggered mega-storms, oil spills, crown-of-thorn starfish invasions, sewage dumps and clumsy clod-footed tourists, life has never been harder if you happen to be part of a naturally occurring colony of … Continued

Animal adaptation for an ever more acidic ocean

The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has been increasing rapidly since industrialisation. One, often underreported, consequence of rising CO2 levels is that the ocean is absorbing much more of the stuff than it has for millions of years. As a result, our oceans and seas are becoming more acidic. Digging into the science reveals that we are now … Continued