Protestors cry fowl as Goa labels peacocks 'vermin'

The southern Indian state of Goa has controversially reclassified India’s national bird, the peacock, as vermin, in a move that paves the way for a potential cull of the spectacular species. The country’s most popular holiday destination has already ruffled feathers and shaken fronds this month by relegating its iconic coconut trees, from actual trees … Continued

These unfortunate animals are 'traitors' to their kind (but we're the real ones to blame)

While many of us aren’t overly fond of our 9 to 5, these animals take the cake for worst job ever—and have one of the most unappealing titles to go along with it. For centuries Judas animals, an individual creature isolated from its social herd and used to control the larger group, have been employed by shepherds, farmers, … Continued