Animal Overlords: 5 creatures that keep their own pets

Humans aren’t the only ones to keep pets, you know. All sorts of animals from right around the world have been spotted forming masterful relationships with other species. But unlike us with our cats and dogs, these mutualistic creature companionships are usually essential for both animals’ well being, if not their very survival. Tarantulas and … Continued

7 GIFs showing the (wild)life of Europe's most interesting river

The Morava is one of the most beautiful and ecologically-valuable rivers in all of Central Europe—running alongside forests, wetlands, steppe and mountains. Like a green snake, slithering its way across the continent, the river forms a natural juncture between Central and Eastern Europe—the Alps on one side, the Carpathians mountains on the other. Home to hot and dry summers, which … Continued

Deer were transported to Scotland's islands 5000 years ago by mysterious Stone Age animal traffickers

The sight of a stag tilting his crown of antlers back and splitting the morning mist with a mighty bellow has become an iconic image of Scotland, much depicted on everything from paintings to mousepads in tourist shops, but according to new research, the red deer in the Highland glens are distinct from those on … Continued

Stags fight for dominance

Young stags attempt to overthrow the dominant male in order to take over the herd. Watch Nature’s Palace, now available on the Love Nature app. Subscribe today!

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The dark and depressing world of British poaching

The word poaching normally conjures up images of trophy hunters stalking lions in Africa or the illegal trade in elephant ivory and tiger skins. But what many people don’t realise is that poaching—the illegal shooting, trapping or capturing of wild or semi-wild animals—also takes place on British soil. Wildlife crime In the UK, poaching is … Continued