The 'people of the forest' are disappearing. Here's why

As of last month, the Bornean orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus) is now listed as critically endangered by the IUCN Red List. It joins the closely related Sumatran Orangutan (P. abelii), meaning that both species are now sitting precariously on the brink of extinction. The orangutan are rainforest apes found in South-east Asia. Mainly arboreal, they spend … Continued

The Game of Thrones intro recreated with slime mold

Using time-lapse footage of slowly growing slime mold from Nick Lariontsev, YouTube user Transcend Rules has pieced together this entertaining take on the Game of Thrones introduction, complete with the theme. What are slime molds? Aptly named due to their gooey appearance, slime molds are single-celled organisms that feed on the microorganisms found in dead … Continued

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These beautiful illustrations of woodland wildlife are simply serene

If you read down this article today, you’re sure of a big surprise. As you’ll go down to the woods today, and see creatures in many a painted guise. We recently stumbled upon this amazing portfolio of forest-animal artwork, and simply had to ask the artist if they’d be willing to let us feature them … Continued

This British explorer shares his experiences alone inside the world's largest forest (and no, it's not the Amazon)

As anyone who’s ever lost a game of Risk will know, Asia’s a big place, and there’s no bigger geographical region on the continent than Siberia. Covering more than five million square miles, this vast expanse of land first claimed by the Russian Tsars around the 17th century is also home to the world’s largest … Continued

'Save the forests, save the planet'—advocates' collective message to UN Climate Summit

Over 30 forest advocates from the upper-echelons of conservation, charity, diplomacy, politics and business recently came together to voice a collective message for country leaders, gathered this week in Paris for the COP21 UN Climate Summit. Titled ‘STOP THE BURNING‘, the film takes less than nine minutes to outline the harrowing facts surrounding global deforestation and the devastating impact Slash … Continued

Swedish film company pays tribute to Monty Python with this funny, yet beautiful film

Today is the 40th anniversary of Monty Python’s iconic film Monty Python and the Holy Grail and—in a bit of spirited high jinx—a Swedish company decided to pay tribute to the British comedy group with a modern interpretation of their classic Lumberjack Song. Based out of the fifth largest city Västerås, Film Kollektivet’s short film … Continued

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