French beach closes thanks to a horny, pent-up dolphin

You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals… Let’s just file this one under headlines that sound fake but are actually true, shall we? Apparently even dolphins need to get their jollies. That fact became a little too evident recently when a beloved creature at a popular tourist beach in northwest France grew too horny for … Continued

Why colourful bird feathers never fade

Imagine a future where colourants were nearly fade-resistant, on top of being far more sustainable and environmentally friendly. In this scenario a coat of paint could last a lifetime and red sweaters would never dye socks and undies pink. Well thanks to University of Sheffield researchers, an X-ray scattering machine at the ESRF facility in … Continued

Remembering the animals that went to war

War is often regarded as the greatest downfall of humankind. Indeed, no other species commits such wanton destruction on such a grandiose scale and with such horrifying efficiency. It’s tragic too then, that as humanity has domesticated wildlife, we have incorporated them into our fights and conflicts. During the First World War, along with a million … Continued

We're cooking on the wild side this weekend with these exclusive new nature shows

How do you enjoy the world’s great wild spaces when the only resources available to you are those that Mother Nature provides? That’s the topic of Cooking in the Wild, an exclusive new show to the Love Nature streaming app. Each week instructor in survival techniques John C. invites a renowned French chef out into the wild on a quest to … Continued

YEAR IN REVIEW: A comprehensive look at all the wild things that happened in 2015

As we begin the countdown for the New Year and prepare to bid adieu to 2015, the hottest year ever recorded on Earth, Patrick Kinsella looks back on the discoveries, developments, disasters and decisions that defined the last 12 months, and finds plenty to both cheer and jeer about in the convoluted plot of the … Continued

Killing endangered creatures by mistake is WAY more common than you'd like to believe

It made European headlines when a pair of hunters mistakenly entered the confines of Norway’s Polar Park Zoo and shot two elk, but sadly, people accidentally kill wild and often endangered animals quite a bit. Last week two Norwegian hunters called up officials at the northernmost zoo in the world with some seriously bad news. … Continued