8 famous figures you didn’t know were vegetarian

Why be a veggie? According to a 2008 poll, the top three reasons American people gave for their lifestyle choice were: reservations about animal welfare, a desire to improve overall health, and environmental concerns. In India, where 40% of people are vegetarian, religious and cultural reasons play a far more significant role.   Vegetarianism is certainly not … Continued

7 GIFs showing the (wild)life of Europe's most interesting river

The Morava is one of the most beautiful and ecologically-valuable rivers in all of Central Europe—running alongside forests, wetlands, steppe and mountains. Like a green snake, slithering its way across the continent, the river forms a natural juncture between Central and Eastern Europe—the Alps on one side, the Carpathians mountains on the other. Home to hot and dry summers, which … Continued

Great crested grebes build nests to prove their love

There’s no better way to say “I love you” than by building a nest for your loved one, especially if you’re a great crested grebe.

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Canada’s ‘puppy-mill’ province pledges to clean up its act, just in time for International Animal Rights Day

Quebec has lagged behind most other Canadian provinces in regard to their animal rights laws for decades, but last Friday they become one of the most progressive of their peers, passing Bill 54 which recognises pets as sentient beings. There’s a lot to celebrate this annual International Animal Rights Day. Years after trendsetters like Germany … Continued

Siberia’s Tungsuka Event, the unexplainable explosion 1000 times greater than an atomic bomb

‘It was like the sky opened up and split in half. I put my hands in front of my eyes and I could see the bones in my hands.’ The name of the Evenki tribeswoman—who thus described the enormous explosion that rattled the earth and tore the sky asunder above Vanavara in Siberia shortly after … Continued