Up all night: 7 animals that hardly ever sleep

If you are a regular homo sapien you will spend a third of your life tucked up in bed, sound asleep. If you live to the respectable age of 75, then you would have successfully slept through a whopping quarter of a century. Sleep is a state of inactivity when we become less responsive to stimuli. … Continued

Eat your greens! The secrets to how herbivores grow so large

The largest land animal that ever lived was a vegetarian. When a local farmer stumbled upon a thighbone in Patagonia, he initially assumed it was a gigantic segment of petrified wood. But as paleontologists from around the world began to excavate, they found the fossilised remains of perhaps the largest animal species ever to walk … Continued

How did giraffes get so tall?

When it comes to height, giraffes have a neck above everyone else. But why did they evolve such long necks and slender legs? How come giraffes need to be so tall? As with many evolutionary adaptations, it has plenty to do with food.

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What noise does a giraffe make? It hums…

Every schoolchild knows that lions roar, hyenas laugh and elephants trumpet, but they may be hard pressed to identify the signature sound of giraffes. This could soon change however, thanks to a remarkable new discovery by Austrian biologists. Apparently, giraffes hum to each other—but only after dark. Until now, it had been assumed that giraffes’ … Continued