Are gorillas anything like Donkey Kong?

In video games, Donkey Kong is a giant barrel-throwing ape who enjoys munching on bananas and hanging out with his hat-wearing monkey friend, Diddy. But do real Gorillas love any of the same things?

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7 amazing facts about gorillas that you probably didn’t know

Next to chimpanzees and bonobos, gorillas are the closest living relatives to humans. They share at least 95% of their DNA with us, and our two species derive from the same common ancestor. Despite this, gorilla populations have been sadly neglected by humans. Habitat loss due to increasing human populations and poaching for the bushmeat … Continued

Public fury over gorilla killed at Cincinnati Zoo

The fatal shooting of a gorilla at Cincinnati Zoo last week, after a young boy fell into its enclosure, has triggered a storm of controversy. The zoo has been loudly condemned by vocal local and online communities, angered at what they see as an over reaction, and hundreds of thousands of people from all around … Continued

Cute fix: Baby gorilla practices pounding his chest

When challenged by a younger or immature gorilla, the dominant male will remind his challenger of who is in charge by making loud screaming noises and pounding his chest. It is a warning sign that if the young gorilla doesn’t back down, he’ll be in for a fight (and will probably lose). But chest-pounding isn’t … Continued

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Mirror test: Wild jungle animals fascinated by their own reflection

A massive silverback gorilla hurls itself at a mirror left in the middle of the Gabon jungle, perhaps judging his own reflection to be a challenging opponent. Meanwhile elsewhere, chimpanzees stretch, scratch and groom themselves in front of another mirrored glass, lining up around it in an orderly fashion as if waiting for a performance … Continued

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