Prophet and Loss: Charles Rothschild and the 284 special sites that kept Britain wild

Britain owes a lot to Charles Rothschild. Banker, entomologist, member of the Rothschild family, Charles is credited with establishing the UK’s first nature reserve—Wicken Fen, near Ely, in 1899—and for spearheading the nation’s fledging conservation movement over a century ago. Now, 100 years on, author Simon Barnes reveals the fascinating story of how we began to cherish our wild places in … Continued

The animal origins of 10 mythological creatures

In this day and age we can all be a bit skeptical. Collectively our default mode is set to the belief that the world has been fully mapped out, explored, documented and done with. There are no magical creatures out there now; no dragons, unicorns, or other wild and wonderful beasts from the annuls of … Continued