Hornbills Look Like Dinosaurs

Millennials will recognize this bird as the majordomo in the Lion King, but this stately fowl is royalty in its own right.

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Ten percent of a hornbill's body weight is in its beak

Hornbills have earned their name from their comically large beaks. The beaks are so heavy, that the bird’s first and second vertebrae are fused together to help them carry the weight. More from Bird Week on Love Nature: Baby black storks growing up Africa’s vultures are circling towards extinction, a new study warns Baby hummingbirds … Continued

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These endangered Indonesian animals are dying in the worst forest fire on record

People and animals in Indonesia currently face an apocalyptic scenario. Wildfires are ploughing destructive paths through the nation’s islands, producing more carbon dioxide than the entire US economy while polluting the country in a thick and inescapable smog. Similar fires take place every year, with dried-out peat forests intentionally burned to make room for industrial … Continued