Hunting scandal erupts in Tanzania as safari snuff movie makers given new license to kill

A year after the killing of Cecil the lion by a wealthy American dentist prompted revulsion and condemnation around the world, trophy hunting in Africa is again in the news, with the Tanzanian government accused of leasing land to a disgraced safari company backed by a ultra rich member of Abu Dhabi’s royal family, for … Continued

The elk, the wolf, and the hunter—Exploring the turbulent juncture between hunting and conservation

As far as we’re aware, no one’s ever been quoted saying conservation is an easy science. But in the United States balancing the needs of these ecosystem’s two top types of hunter—humans and freshly rehabilitated or reintroduced native predators—is an ethical minefield. Alongside the usual uncertainties that arise when working with living things, are the … Continued

Polar bear hunting, right or wrong? Conservation organisations in great white bear brawl

A furious debate has erupted between leading conservationists over the issue of polar bear hunting and the sale of the animals’ pelts. On the face of it, you would expect all conservation organisations to be opposed to trophy hunting of an animal listed as vulnerable on the IUCN’s Red List, which has a population in … Continued

Virtual brutality—The cruel online world of animal atrocities

From live-animal smugglers to rare body-part merchants, puppy farmers to underground hunters—there’s a wild worldwide web of nastiness going on behind your computer screen, but thanks to a new app, you can help do something about it. The modern magic of social media gives us connectivity to entire communities at the swipe of a screen … Continued

And the world's greatest pack hunters are...

If you thought the world’s greatest ‘pack’ hunters are wolves, technically you’re probably right. But there’s quite a few species that cooperatively hunt like wolves whose social units aren’t called packs, rather basks, drafts, pods, prides, casts, clans, colonies, congregations and troops. While the vast majority of meat-eaters hunt alone, there are a small percentage … Continued

Bear cubs learn to fish

In the ursine life, teaching the young cubs how to fish is a task for mom. However, not every bear becomes quite the skilled fishermen.

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Killing endangered creatures by mistake is WAY more common than you'd like to believe

It made European headlines when a pair of hunters mistakenly entered the confines of Norway’s Polar Park Zoo and shot two elk, but sadly, people accidentally kill wild and often endangered animals quite a bit. Last week two Norwegian hunters called up officials at the northernmost zoo in the world with some seriously bad news. … Continued

Africa’s biggest elephant is killed by a German hunter, who paid $60,000 to do it

In a rather macabre turn of events, one of Africa’s largest elephants has been shot dead by a German hunter, less than three months after the killing of Cecil the Lion caused international outrage amongst animal lovers. The killing is believed to have occurred on October 8 on a private hunting estate bordering Gonarezhou National … Continued

Desperate dolphin throws itself on rocks to escape hunters

Ric O’Barry, founder of The Dolphin Project and subject of the 2009 documentary The Cove, captured this troubling footage over the weekend. The Taiji dolphin drive, which occurs each fall, began this past Friday in Taiji, Japan. The dolphin drive kills more than one thousand dolphins each year for commercial purposes, while others are captured … Continued

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