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What’s your favourite animal? That’s such a tough question right? There are so many incredible species right of fauna right across the planet, the task of choosing just one above all the others seem downright difficult, if not impossible. However if we were really, really forced to pick, you’d probability find chimpanzees—our closest cousins—somewhere towards the top of … Continued

Watch this pack of hyenas make a kill

Hunting is no laughing matter for hyenas, or their prey. Watch Growing Up in the Savannah, now on the Love Nature app. Not a member? Subscribe now and get your first 30 days free!

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Hungry hyena hangs out with wolf pack

Wolves and hyenas—two species of opportunistic carnivores infamous for their ruthless predatory instincts— are highly unlikely bedfellows, but evidence unearthed in Israel’s Negev Desert and recently published in the journal Zoology in the Middle East,  has revealed that the two species can travel and work together in order to survive in some of the world’s … Continued

Leopard vs. hyena vs. elephant vs. impala

After a successful hunt, leopards will usually drag their kill up into the trees. There they can eat without fear of losing their meal to other hungry carnivores. However, if a tree isn’t readily available or if hunger takes over, a leopard may just have to settle for a feast on ground level. Doing so … Continued

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Injured zebra saved from hyenas

An injured zebra finds itself in serious danger when a pack of hungry hyenas come calling. Fortunately, the herd isn’t going to leave one of their own at the mercy of the laughing predators.

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