An “activist” orangutan fights off bulldozer to save home

When animals attack, it’s usually for a pretty good reason. Often it’s because they’re trying to protect their young, or sometimes their food. And then there are the animals who attack for sheer survival, after a human hand has given them no other choice. Enter one “activist” orangutan in Indonesia, who finally had enough and … Continued

Eyes in the sky: The incredible technology helping save Asia's wildlife

Drones can be an affordable and time-saving tool in wildlife conservation A few years ago, two young wildlife biologists were struggling to study Orangutan nests in the dense jungles of northern Sumatra in Indonesia—one of the most threatened rainforests on Earth. Locating the primate nests hidden high up on treetops in the dense forest was … Continued

7 incredible animal migrations

The animal kingdom isn’t averse to travelling great distances to get what it wants. Next time you find yourself moaning about how long it takes you to pop down the shops, consider the struggle of these seven amazing creatures and count yourself lucky you won’t be wading through a crocodile-infested river just to grab your … Continued

Amazing plot twists in the story of the hobbits of Flores

Just over a decade after the sensational revelation that a species of hobbit-sized humanoids lived on the Indonesian island of Flores between 17,000 and 95,000 years ago, researchers discovered crucial clues to the identity of the hobbit’s ancestors literally hours before giving up the ghost, according to a new report in Nature. In 2003, scientists … Continued

Lemurs in Kent just got a pretty nifty gift from Sony  

The Port Lympne Reserve’s langurs and lemurs are ringing in the New Year like many of us—binging on nature documentaries. As part of the reserve’s ‘Back to the Wild’ project, aiming to return animals born in parks across Europe to their native homes, the primate staff have installed brand-spanking new and state of the art … Continued

Under the lens: Peacock mantis shrimp

Kay Burn Lim is an aerial and underwater videographer currently shooting out on location in Indonesia’s Lembeh Straits for the upcoming Love Nature show ‘Strange Creatures’ Famed as having some of the best ‘muck diving’ in the world, the straits are a macro-heaven full of tiny, unusual and curious critters, perfect for this particular assignment. … Continued

These endangered Indonesian animals are dying in the worst forest fire on record

People and animals in Indonesia currently face an apocalyptic scenario. Wildfires are ploughing destructive paths through the nation’s islands, producing more carbon dioxide than the entire US economy while polluting the country in a thick and inescapable smog. Similar fires take place every year, with dried-out peat forests intentionally burned to make room for industrial … Continued

The many different industries animals can get a job in

Are you a non-human animal looking to break out of a humdrum routine of survival and reproduction? Good news: many employers are recruiting candidates just like you. Scroll through (if your appendages allow) and find your dream job. Landscaping If you’re a goat who’s hungry for a opportunity, a juicy position in lawn care might … Continued