The truly wonderful life and flight of the Japanese crane

The Japanese crane must surely be one of the most beautiful birds in the world. Its tall stature, striking colouration and tender courtship dance have made it an iconic species in the Far East where it lives. This species is widely regarded as a symbol of luck, longevity and fidelity, so is truly worth celebrating … Continued

7 near-psychic animals that might just be able to predict disasters before they happen

Whilst precognition, the ability to see future events through extrasensory means, has not been proven in the animal kingdom (or anywhere in the known universe for that matter), anecdotal evidence still suggests that some creatures might react to disasters before they actually take place. Here are 7 powerful predictor species, who seem to be skilled … Continued

Universal adapters: 5 species that are conquering the planet

We often hear about biodiversity loss, extinction and the general declining state of our natural world. We lament the giant panda, doomed by evolution to be a fussy eater and not very good at reproducing, and we put great effort into saving sea turtles that mistake plastic bags for jellyfish. But for a moment—instead of … Continued

Rogue bear with taste for human flesh blamed for four fatal attacks in Japan

People are being warned not to stray into the forest in Japan’s Akita prefecture, a mountainous area in the north of the country’s main island Honshu, after the discovery of four bodies in the last few days. The victims are believed to have been fatally attacked by bears—with some speculating that one rogue animal could … Continued

Everything you ever wanted to know about the illegal ivory trade, as explained by a leading elephant expert

Mary Rice has held a deep affinity with elephants for as long as she can remember. Today Executive Director of the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)—an independent campaigning organisation committed to protecting the natural world from environmental crime—and team leader of their Elephant Campaign, the author of Heat, Dust and Dreams has been fighting for the welfare of … Continued

Remembering Fukushima: Japanese daguerreotypist Takashi Arai links past, present and future by creating these timeless images

A partially-submerged ship. An abandoned rice field. The solemn faces of fishermen and farmers. Japanese photographer Takashi Arai hopes these carefully-captured images will connect with present and future generations, prompting them to reflect on the events of March 11th, 2011. It is now just over five years since an earthquake and tsunami took the lives … Continued

7 sacred animals from around the world

We share our planet with all kinds of amazing animals, but a few species have become particularly significant within our cultures and traditions. Whether we adore, admire, fear or respect these animals, each has come to represent an important aspect of humanity and our relationship with the planet.   Cow The humble cow is considered … Continued

10 awe-inspiring natural wonders to visit via Google Maps  

Nothing beats experiencing nature first hand. Whether you’re standing in the shadows of a vast geological monument, witnessing wild animals up close or soaking up the ambience of some remote untouched wilderness, no one’s yet found a way to fully replicate our planet’s most amazing spectacles through technology. That said, not everyone has the budget … Continued

Japan has just slaughtered hundreds of pregnant minke whales

According to a report just released by the National Geographic’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU), Japanese whalers have recently slaughtered 333 minke whales, including more than 200 pregnant females, under the guise of scientific research. Four whaling ships returned to port on Wednesday, after a 115-day expedition to the Antarctic, and their bloody haul was documented … Continued

Cute fix: It's a stampede... of bunnies

If you’re planning a trip to Japan, you may want to visit the small island of Ōkunoshima. The island, which is nicknamed Usagi Jima (“Rabbit Island”), is inhabited by a huge population of wild rabbits. Visitors have noted that the rabbits are very tame and quite used to people (probably thanks to the number of … Continued

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Researchers revive Antarctic moss piglets frozen after a three-decade long nap, and they’re really, really cute

Cryobiology, the study of biological materials that undergo moderate hypothermia to deep-freeze conditions, has long been considered a potential route to human immortality, but some microorganisms are already masters of the trick. In the spring of 2014 scientists with Japan’s National Institute of Polar Research decided to test the limits of frozen-life, resuscitating three microscopic … Continued

Following the team filming the animals (Or, a Scottish adventure in the field with Love Nature)

The rain blurs the twin humps of a Bactrian camel, standing motionless at the back of its enclosure; watching our lone car trundle down a muddy road. The downpour, a product of erratic storms breaking over the nearby Cairngorm National Park, is in fact obscuring every detail of the place we’re approaching. It’s eerily quiet … Continued

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Whatever you do, please don't feed the wildlife

Come morning and the tarred Highway 7 that cuts through the Pench Tiger Reserve in Central India is freckled with life already. Troops of boisterous pink faced Rhesus Macaques carefully pick the most scenic roadside spots for the day. But, the primates are not interested in the panoramic views—instead they’ve chosen their locations carefully—it is … Continued

Desperate dolphin throws itself on rocks to escape hunters

Ric O’Barry, founder of The Dolphin Project and subject of the 2009 documentary The Cove, captured this troubling footage over the weekend. The Taiji dolphin drive, which occurs each fall, began this past Friday in Taiji, Japan. The dolphin drive kills more than one thousand dolphins each year for commercial purposes, while others are captured … Continued

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