Koala chlamydia crisis leads scientists to consider a cull of the cuddly animals

It’s been a grim month for Australia’s koala population, with scientists Down Under stating that around half of the country’s entire population is now suffering from a nasty and highly virulent strain of chlamydia, and one expert even suggesting that the only way to save the iconic animal might be to start killing them. The … Continued

This little koala is the most adorable hugger on the internet

We all have those moments where the only thing that’ll make the world a better place is a good hearty hug, and this little marsupial is no exception. The baby koala, named Imogen, is seen exploring her new home in a koala sanctuary for the first time. Then all of a sudden—perhaps made nervous by … Continued

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The horrific effect of deforestation summed up in one photo

Scattered among the piles of twigs and rubble, a young koala searches desperately for her home. She’s lost, alone and confused, for what was once a budding forest full of life is now scrap and debris. The young female koala, nicknamed Ash, was rescued by a volunteer from Wildcare Australia Inc. after she was spotted wandering … Continued