We asked an evolution expert what will happen to humanity after the apocalypse

It’s been portrayed in fiction, films, TV shows and video games. But if and when the apocalypse finally descends upon our humble Earth, what will actually happen to everyone? Will our great-great-great-grandkids survive a meteor collision like the one that killed the dinosaurs, or perish while a new species takes over? Could a few survivors … Continued

Life with latitude: The great puzzle of biogeography

Mention the tropics and you’ll likely imagine vast rainforests teeming with wildlife. With over 300 species of tree per hectare in Panama (there’s less than half of that in the whole of Canada!) and more than 1800 species of birds in Colombia, it’s clear the tropics are bursting at the seams with plant and animal … Continued

5 amazing theories about the origin of life on Earth

Stephen Hawkins recently said that science ‘can explain the light of stars but not the lights that shine from Planet Earth.’ Where did we come from? Why are we here? Most importantly, are we alone? Whatever the answers, they will be incomprehensibly profound and of unique importance to the human race—the universe either teeming with … Continued

Exploring the extreme resourcefulness of animals that live at the 'dry limit of life'

As far as we know, water is fundamental to all life on this planet. But there are places on Earth that receive as little as 0.76 mm of rainfall a year and have no open freshwater sources. To live in these extremely arid environments, evolution has favoured those able to adjust to life with little water, … Continued