From MGM stars to man-eaters: 10 of the most famous lions throughout history

Lions (Panthera leo) are some of the most iconic creatures on Earth. Unusual among big cats for both their social behaviour and striking sexual dimorphism, these ‘kings of beasts’ have been important to humans since the dawn of mankind. Some lions have even managed to transcend the general notoriety of their species to stake out … Continued

Strange facts about tongues

In humans, the tongue is used to manipulate food for chewing and swallowing. It also allows us to taste, the upper surface being covered with between 3,000 and 10,000 taste buds. We also use our tongue for speech, enabling us to make changes in sound. Our tongues are impressive but throughout the animal kingdom tongues are … Continued

Animals that go to War

With our unparalleled ability to plan, organise, and wield weaponry, it seems like humans are uniquely gifted in the art of war. However, there’s nothing on our battlefields that Mother Nature didn’t think of first. From insect suicide bombers to violent monkey revolutionaries, our non-human counterparts can sometimes be every bit as strategic, coordinated, and … Continued

7 little-known facts about Africa’s super seven

Africa is one of the most popular game-viewing destinations on the planet. The continent’s most famous animals were originally sought after by hunters but now it is predominantly tourists who hope to catch a glimpse of these iconic species. This week we’re airing the documentary Africa’s Super Seven on the Love Nature streaming app, so we … Continued

This disturbing video shows why you should never visit a wild animal circus

Warning: some will find the above video distressing. In 2015, an eyewitness visited Suzhou, China—which encompasses more than 300 circuses—to go undercover inside 10 different circuses and animal training facilities. What they documented is eye-opening, heart-wrenching and disturbing. Behind-the-scenes footage, published today for the first time by PETA, shows bears forced to stand on two legs or face … Continued

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The life of a lion cub isn't as easy as it might seem

Lion cubs face a number of dangers from a very young age, from hungry predators to competitive male lions looking to become pride leader. Fortunately, mom always has her cubs’ back.

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Long live the king: Steps to curtail trophy hunting after Cecil’s death won't yet save Africa’s lions

While legions of people right across the world were outraged by the slaughter of Cecil the lion at the hands of dentist Walter Palmer in July 2015, many also hoped that the international attention would translate into positive change and a brighter future for Africa’s imperilled lions. In the wake of ‘Cecil-gate’, the US and … Continued

The last pride of India

Gujarat in Western India is home to the only surviving population of lions in Asia A pride of tawny large cats lounging in the savannah, teething cubs tumbling and biting each other playfully; this is the image most of us conjure in our heads at the mention of lions. However, there was a time when these … Continued

It's Groundhog Day! Here's 7 expressive animals that all look a little like Bill Murray

Bill Murray has a few things in common with the animal kingdom: he’s lovable, fascinating to watch and capable of pulling some fantastic facial expressions when caught off guard. To celebrate Groundhog Day (a holiday synonymous with the famous Bill Murray film of the same name), here are a bunch of kooky creatures who share … Continued

Perfectly preserved: 10,000-year-old lion cubs discovered in the Siberian permafrost

Siberia’s permafrost throws up all sorts of oddities from time to time, from wooly mammoth carcasses, to the remains of ancient equine species. But in an extraordinary turn of events, Russian palaeontologists have just discovered what it is being called ‘the most perfectly preserved remains of cave lions ever unearthed.’ The two long-dead cubs, thoughts to … Continued

Watch: A Pack Of Lions Take Down And Wildebeest

When it comes to hunting for a meal, lions know how to get the job done. Females work together to encircle and capture their prey, while the male stays behind to look after the cubs. Surprisingly, lions don’t have a lot of stamina, and can only run in short bursts. This is why they will … Continued

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