6 incredible plans to redefine the future of space travel

Modern technologies have allowed humans to access even the most remote areas of Earth’s surface. Satellites, submarines and remotely piloted drones now traverse our world from the depths of the ocean to the thin reaches of the upper atmosphere. But our species’ future in space has only just begun. As advances in design and computing … Continued

5 things humans will need in order to start colonising space

Anyone who’s seen a few sci-fi films or TV shows knows that living in space has been a dream for generations of people on Earth. But while fictionalised versions of ourselves might be able to thrive in the unfathomably harsh environment of outer space, real humans have got a whole lot to think about before … Continued

Mars has flowing liquid water, NASA confirms

It seems the Red Planet has a little bit more in common with its blue neighbour than than her arid appearance first suggests, it’s confirmed today after NASA announced that liquid water has been detected on the surface of Mars for the first time. Images from the space agency’s orbiting satellite, The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), … Continued