French beach closes thanks to a horny, pent-up dolphin

You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals… Let’s just file this one under headlines that sound fake but are actually true, shall we? Apparently even dolphins need to get their jollies. That fact became a little too evident recently when a beloved creature at a popular tourist beach in northwest France grew too horny for … Continued

These polygamist owls are baffling scientists for more than one reason

They say it takes a village to raise a child. But whoever “they” are probably meant the phrase to apply to human babies—not little owlets still living in their nests. So imagine scientists’ surprise when they accidentally discovered two great horned owl chicks being raised by a father, a mother… and another mother. That’s a … Continued

The definitive directory of dominant females

Males are typically thought of as the stronger sex, the provider and the protector, yet this is a view that is changing. For humans, the lack of female world leaders and inequality in certain aspects of life leads many to believe it very much remains a man’s world, at least for now. But for a … Continued

Photo reveals dark side of kangaroo sex

Though many were quick to assume an eastern grey male kangaroo and accompanying joey were in mourning, photographed clinging to his mate long after her death, the more likely truth is he was still keen to mate. Last week while on a morning stroll in the brush, Australian Evan Switzer spotted a rather unusual sight—a … Continued

This is what penguins look like when they're in love

Love is a many splendid thing, even when you’re a penguin. African penguins mate for life, and a couple will breed at the same site every year.

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