7 incredible animal migrations

The animal kingdom isn’t averse to travelling great distances to get what it wants. Next time you find yourself moaning about how long it takes you to pop down the shops, consider the struggle of these seven amazing creatures and count yourself lucky you won’t be wading through a crocodile-infested river just to grab your … Continued

Frequent fliers: Arctic terns smash world record for the planet's longest migration

Arctic terns nest in their noisy thousands on the Farne Islands in the UK, and twitchers and scientists have long observed the birds disappearing over the southern horizon at the end of every summer, but until now they didn’t know where they were heading. The enigma has just been solved thanks to the invention of … Continued

Migrating songbirds sex up their repertoire overseas

Some 65 per cent of male European songbirds who leave their northern homes to seek the sun during the winter, spend the off season stretching their vocal chords and rehearsing how to hit the high notes. That might be considered a bit strange when they could be conserving precious energy instead, before a long flight home and busy … Continued

Chasing swans from Russia to England, on a paramotor

An intrepid conservationist is so concerned about the drastic drop in the population of a species of swan, she’s preparing to follow them as they migrate from the Russian Arctic to England, travelling through the air for 4,500 miles and crossing some of the most extreme terrain on the planet while, hanging from a flimsy … Continued