Here's what you need to know about mosquitoes this summer

Have you ever noticed that some summers seem plagued with mosquitoes, while others aren’t? Do you feel personally attacked by mosquitoes year after year? It’s not just in your head. Mosquito numbers vary from year to year, and month to month. And yes, some people attract more mosquitoes than others! We spoke to experts who gave us the buzz on the most annoying (uninvited) guests at your summer BBQs.

Blood, suckers: 6 types of mosquito that make mankind's life miserable (+1 that's not too bad)

With the recent explosion of stories about the Zika virus, the world’s attention has once again returned to mosquitos. Sometimes called ‘the most dangerous animal on Earth’, mosquitos have been part of ecosystems around the globe since at least the Cretaceous period, and have been a pest to humans throughout recorded history. While it’s easy … Continued