These are 7 of the top new species of 2018

Every year scientists discover roughly 18,000 new species of microbes, plants, animals, and even some extinct creatures, which means it takes a pretty special discovery for one of these species to make it onto a Top 10 list. Yet every year taxonomists from the College of Environmental Science and Forestry manage to select the best … Continued

Scientists have found a new species of exploding ants

Spock may have been on to something when he explained how the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Indeed, that utilitarian way of thinking could explain why a newly discovered species of ants in the tropical rainforests of South-East Asia basically explode when threatened. Scientists discover thousands of new species every year, … Continued

Quiz: What were scientists thinking when they named these 10 new species?

You might think that the discovery of a new species is a rare occasion, but it happens with stunning regularity: about 18,000 times a year. An estimated two million species are currently known to science, but millions more remain to be found. Unfortunately, scientists may be running out of time to uncover them. We’re in … Continued

Expedition captures first ever video footage of elusive Peruvian bird

Conservationists are celebrating this week as camera traps captured images and video of the elusive Sira Currasow bird and the rare Andean spectacled bear, deep inside the remote Cerros del Sira, Peru. The success is hard earned, with biologists from the Universities of Exeter and Glasgow along with scientists from Peru, having spent weeks trekking through rugged and challenging … Continued

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