Palm oil: the global killer we need to talk about

Humans have a long, dark history of coming up with “miracle” products that facilitate our lives and then become so in-demand that it’s hard to stop using them, despite their ill-effects on the environment and wildlife. Plastics, fast food, and paper cups are just some obvious examples. One such product that certainly falls into this … Continued

An “activist” orangutan fights off bulldozer to save home

When animals attack, it’s usually for a pretty good reason. Often it’s because they’re trying to protect their young, or sometimes their food. And then there are the animals who attack for sheer survival, after a human hand has given them no other choice. Enter one “activist” orangutan in Indonesia, who finally had enough and … Continued

The 'people of the forest' are disappearing. Here's why

As of last month, the Bornean orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus) is now listed as critically endangered by the IUCN Red List. It joins the closely related Sumatran Orangutan (P. abelii), meaning that both species are now sitting precariously on the brink of extinction. The orangutan are rainforest apes found in South-east Asia. Mainly arboreal, they spend … Continued

Whale and winghead sharks heading for existential abyss, and imminent extinction looms over orangutans

Human behaviour is pushing several species right to the very brink of extinction, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has recently warned. The organisation, which monitors the world’s most vulnerable populations, has just listed whale sharks and winghead sharks as ‘Endangered’, while Bornean orangutans have been added to the ‘Critically Endangered’ section … Continued

Her mother was killed by poachers, but this orangutan is getting a second chance

Cindy, an orphaned orangutan that spent her life in captivity, gets a second chance thanks to the kind-hearted people at International Animal Rescue. Here is her story.

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This baby orangutan is a real mama's boy

Orangutans are primarily solitary creatures, except for the first 2 years of life when they’re completely dependent on their mothers. The first 4 months are spent literally glued to mom, never leaving her side. Once the ape starts developing climbing skills, at about the age of 2, distance starts to grow between mother and infant. … Continued

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These endangered Indonesian animals are dying in the worst forest fire on record

People and animals in Indonesia currently face an apocalyptic scenario. Wildfires are ploughing destructive paths through the nation’s islands, producing more carbon dioxide than the entire US economy while polluting the country in a thick and inescapable smog. Similar fires take place every year, with dried-out peat forests intentionally burned to make room for industrial … Continued