Why do some animals exhibit homosexual behaviour?

Once dismissed as a scientific anomaly, a growing body of research suggests that homosexual behaviour is surprisingly common throughout the natural world. According to Petter Bøckman, Zoologist and Lecturer at the Natural History Museum in Oslo, ‘homosexual behaviour has been observed in over 1,500 species’ and the list includes ‘lions, wolves, deer, seagulls, elephants, monkeys, … Continued

Wanted: volunteers to study penguins in Antarctica

Yesterday saw the launch of a new phase of Oxford University’s PenguinWatch, an ambitious project that began in 2014 and is aimed at recording the fortunes and monitoring the activities of Antarctica’s penguin colonies. However, for ‘PenguinWatch 2.0‘ to work properly, the British scientists need your help. By collaborating with a penguin census that has … Continued

Penguins invade a suburban neighborhood

Under the cover of night, this penguin gang seeks out nesting sites in a suburban neighborhood. Want to see more? Subscribe to the Love Nature app and check out City Slickers.

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Iceberg apocalypse for Adélie penguins

News reports emerged this week suggesting that as many as 140,000 Adélie penguins may have died on Cape Denison in Antarctica, after an iceberg the size of Rome slammed into the coast and blocked their access to the sea. According to the journal Antarctic Science, the snappily named B09B iceberg, which measures 1,120 sq miles … Continued

It's Groundhog Day! Here's 7 expressive animals that all look a little like Bill Murray

Bill Murray has a few things in common with the animal kingdom: he’s lovable, fascinating to watch and capable of pulling some fantastic facial expressions when caught off guard. To celebrate Groundhog Day (a holiday synonymous with the famous Bill Murray film of the same name), here are a bunch of kooky creatures who share … Continued

Meet the baby gentoo penguins from the Edinburgh Zoo

Female gentoo penguins will lay two eggs, with both parents taking turns to incubate them. The incubation period usually takes 34 to 36 days, until the young hatch. After hatching, the baby penguins will remain in the nest for the first month of life. They’ll start to form groups with other newborns, and together they … Continued

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The African Penguin is Batman’s Cutest Villain

The unusual call of the African penguin has earned it a very unfortunate nickname.

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This is what penguins look like when they're in love

Love is a many splendid thing, even when you’re a penguin. African penguins mate for life, and a couple will breed at the same site every year.

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