Here's how pigeons played an important role in military history

When you think of pigeons, you probably think of pesky flocks hanging around hot dog carts. But did you know carrier pigeons (aka homing pigeons) were once heroes of war? That’s right. Pigeons had important and dangerous jobs throughout military history, including World Wars One and Two. So let’s show a little respect! What did … Continued

Exploding Pigeons were almost the future of warfare

From delivering messages for Genghis Khan to acting as a guidance system for missiles, here is the secret history of the pigeon.

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10 facts you may not know about pigeons

Whether you consider them flying pests or lovely birds, pigeons are highly intelligent creatures. So intelligent, in fact, they were considered for part of a military program in which they would operate and guide missiles. Check the video above for more fun pigeon facts! For more fun animal facts, check out Animalogic on YouTube.

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