The Polar Bears Among Us

Living with the greatest predator in the world is dangerous business.

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Is this the world's saddest polar bear?

Heartbreaking footage of a polar bear being kept in bleak and lonely captivity in a Chinese shopping mall, purely so passersby can peer in and take selfies with it, has been released by the activist group Animals Asia, who are calling for people to sign a petition demanding the ‘facility’ be shut down. ‘Trapped in … Continued

Grizzlies and polar bears are crossbreeding because of climate change, creating a new hybrid species

Climate change is blamed for many things these days, but one of the weirder consequences of a warming Earth is an increased number of incidents when grizzlies get jiggy with polar bears. Yep. If you go down to the woods today you really won’t believe your eyes. Officially, the result of such mixed-species mating shenanigans … Continued

Polar bear hunting, right or wrong? Conservation organisations in great white bear brawl

A furious debate has erupted between leading conservationists over the issue of polar bear hunting and the sale of the animals’ pelts. On the face of it, you would expect all conservation organisations to be opposed to trophy hunting of an animal listed as vulnerable on the IUCN’s Red List, which has a population in … Continued