Rivers are now so polluted with drugs that even wildlife is getting high

You are what you eat. Or in this case, perhaps it’s more accurate to say you are what you swim in. We’ve heard of everything from contraceptives to antidepressants affecting aquatic ecosystems and the creatures that rely on them, but now a new study is pointing to the dangers of illicit drugs—namely cocaine—being dumped into … Continued

China promises to slash power sector emissions 60% by 2020

China has pledged to reduce emissions from the power sector’s key pollutants by 60% by 2020, the government announced on Wednesday, as world leaders meet this week in Paris to address global climate change. The economic superpower will also reduce yearly carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power stations by 180m tonnes within the next 14 … Continued

Facial-cleansing routines are harming so many fish that even this cosmetics industry body says it should be stopped

A major cosmetics industry association has made a big move towards reducing plastic pollution in the world’s oceans after recommending that its 4,000 members phase out the use of microplastics in wash-off cosmetic and personal care products. The recommendation by Cosmetics Europe—the ‘voice of Europe’s EUR 58.1 billion cosmetic, toiletry and perfumery industry’—was cautiously welcomed by … Continued