Talking Chimp With Jane Goodall

What separates us from our hairy brethren? Check out Roots and Shoots:

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The definitive directory of dominant females

Males are typically thought of as the stronger sex, the provider and the protector, yet this is a view that is changing. For humans, the lack of female world leaders and inequality in certain aspects of life leads many to believe it very much remains a man’s world, at least for now. But for a … Continued

Are gorillas anything like Donkey Kong?

In video games, Donkey Kong is a giant barrel-throwing ape who enjoys munching on bananas and hanging out with his hat-wearing monkey friend, Diddy. But do real Gorillas love any of the same things?

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Animals that go to War

With our unparalleled ability to plan, organise, and wield weaponry, it seems like humans are uniquely gifted in the art of war. However, there’s nothing on our battlefields that Mother Nature didn’t think of first. From insect suicide bombers to violent monkey revolutionaries, our non-human counterparts can sometimes be every bit as strategic, coordinated, and … Continued

Lovers for life? The secret world of animal cheats

Think you love someone? Want to spend the rest of your life with them and raise lots and lots of cute kids? Sorry, that might be exactly what your genes want you to think. Monogamy is a strategy, and for species where the young are vulnerable or take a long time to mature then it’s … Continued

Drunken Monkeys! Booze-loving primates proven to seek out high-alcohol nectar

Some primates actively seek out the booziest treats they can find, and tolerance to alcohol may even have given a few species an evolutionary edge over their lightweight cousins, according to a new study. In tests conducted by researchers at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, aye-ayes, a little loopy looking lemur species from Madagascar, … Continued

Zambia makes its first arrest for keeping illegal primates

For the very first time since the GRI—Zambia Primate Project (ZPP) was established in 2002, and after confiscating over 500 primates held illegally in Zambia since that time, ZPP has witnessed the arrest and prosecution of a man keeping a primate illegally. It may well be the first successful prosecution in Zambia for illegal primate … Continued

Unpredictable female chimpanzee attacks

You do not want to be a stranger in a chimpanzee’s neighborhood, or you may just find yourself the victim of an all-out chimp attack. Watch Land Of The Apes, now on the Love Nature app. Not a member? Subscribe now and get your first 30 days free!

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What do golden lion tamarins eat?

The golden tamarin lion, also known as a golden marmoset, has a diverse diet of fruits, bugs, flowers, bird eggs and some small vertebrae. As foragers, these small monkeys have elongated hands and fingers which help them extract prey hiding in small crevices. Insects only account for about 10 or 15% of their diet, while … Continued

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Church of the chimp: Primates seen performing rituals and building shrines

Wildlife researchers have witnessed and filmed startling habitual behaviour being exhibited by wild chimpanzees that suggests the animals are treating certain trees as ‘sacred’, in a similar way to early humans. In rituals first noted in the Republic of Guinea, chimps were seen throwing rocks at a particular tree. In itself, this might seem unremarkable, … Continued

Gardeners of the forest

Have you ever seen anyone digging with their gardening shovel in the forest or a preparing a seedling germination tray in the woods? Who then plants the teeming and endless variety of vegetation? Forests have their own expert gardeners who carry and spread seeds far and wide, keeping it alive and growing. In fact, 95 … Continued

Monkey trouble: The plight of primates behind closed doors

A new campaign has been launched to highlight the ongoing welfare concerns of monkeys and other primates kept confined and isolated in homes right across Britain.  An estimated 5,000 primates are kept as pets in the UK and rescue groups such as Wild Futures and the RSPCA receive approximately one call a week relating to the welfare … Continued

New monkey species discovered in Peru

A new species of monkey has been discovered living in a remote stretch of the Peruvian Amazon and, unlike other recent primate discoveries, it is not facing extinction. Researchers from the international NGO Proyecto Mono Tocón encountered the previously unknown species of titi monkey during an expedition down the Urubamba River in Central Peru. The … Continued