An ode to the immensity of Canada’s seasonally-changing wilderness

The camera slowly pans over a glacier. White clouds are seen swirl silently over icy cornices above, held hanging against a deep blue sky—waiting for release. The view shifts, moving under soaring evergreens, their pine needles matted with layer upon layer of fresh snow; wrapped up tight in winter’s hardship. These branches stand still in the cold crystalline … Continued

New on the App: 5 superb shows to stoke your wild side

This week we’re excited to present a whole host of new shows airing on our exclusive video streaming app. So why not take a wander across pristine moorland, head out on a choppy oceanic voyage with the founding members of Greenpeace, or join a team of elite biologists on a mission to penetrate the dangerous underwater caves of Botswana’s Okavango Delta—all … Continued