This strange squirrel has gained a winter home… and internet fame

After two weeks of rescue attempts by wildlife workers the bald squirrel of Grove Park is safe and sound at last. In a small park in Dunstable, some 30 miles north of London, an incredibly rare squirrel entirely devoid of hair was spotted a few weeks back, sparking a wave of sympathy across the country. … Continued

Go nuts for Red Squirrel Week

It’s Red Squirrel Week and The Wildlife Trusts are encouraging people in certain parts of the UK to keep an eye out for signs of these much-loved but critically endangered creatures. Autumn is the perfect season to spot red squirrels, as they spend their time foraging for nuts to cache in their winter larder. However, to … Continued

The natural world: Arboreal locomotion

Definition: movement within and between trees Some of us are better at it than others, but on the whole the human species remains pretty rubbish when it comes to the task of climbing trees. With a bit of courage we may be able to scramble up a trunk with conveniently spaced branches, but jumping from … Continued