The ingenious technology being used to prevent wildlife roadkill

  Wildlife and cars just don’t mix. As human populations continue to encroach on important animal habitats, the construction of roads means that more species are getting hit by vehicles than ever before. And animals aren’t the only ones who need to be worried—high speed collisions with large creatures can also prove fatal to drivers … Continued

Eyes in the sky: The incredible technology helping save Asia's wildlife

Drones can be an affordable and time-saving tool in wildlife conservation A few years ago, two young wildlife biologists were struggling to study Orangutan nests in the dense jungles of northern Sumatra in Indonesia—one of the most threatened rainforests on Earth. Locating the primate nests hidden high up on treetops in the dense forest was … Continued

Innovation for conservation: 5 technologies that are saving species

Since the new millennium, technology has advanced at a rate never before seen in the history of humankind. Yet so far we have only made relatively small steps when it comes to applying these new advances to the most pressing issue of all: the health of our planet. Today we teeter at a critical tipping … Continued

5 easy ways you can help animals by using modern technology

Passionate about helping the world’s most amazing animals? There are all sorts of things you can do, simply, quickly and by using the vast array of modern technology already at your disposal. Smartphones, social media sites and a single click of your computer mouse have all become powerful tools in the fight to save our … Continued

We are the rangers: Mapping a message of conservation into Minecraft

It’s been called Lego for the digital age, the popularity of Minecraft—created by Microsoft-owned developer Mojang—lying in the game’s ability to let anyone dive right in and create anything they could possibly imagine. Now a new community-made and charity-backed map of the game is going one step further, creating an interactive world to help teach … Continued

The mightily pleasing world of mushroom plastics

Fungi are already pretty special critters, but now researchers, engineers, and big businesses are working together to add new planet-saving tricks to the fungal repertoire. Simply put, if the Kingdom Fungi didn’t exist, we likely wouldn’t either—nor would the planet we know and love. It may sound like a rather nasty job, but the fungi … Continued

Safari webcams allow users to become virtual conservationists

Mozambique’s Gorongoso National Park is reaching out to citizen scientists globally for help making sense of their plethora of trail-cam data. If you’ve ever been jealous of researchers working in some of Africa’s greatest safari parks, take a moment to thank the technology gods. With the help of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, anyone with … Continued