China just dealt a devastating blow to rhinos and tigers

It’s a low day for animal conservationists (not to mention animal lovers in general) now that China has reversed a 25-year ban on the use of endangered tiger and rhino parts for “medical” purposes, the effects of which will very well be felt worldwide. Earlier this week China’s State Council released a statement announcing that … Continued

A “miracle tiger” has been released back into the wild

We’re constantly hearing awful stories involving poachers or animals being put on the endangered list, so when we get a win it’s kind of nice to celebrate, isn’t it? Well celebrating is certainly what a group of rescuers should be doing now that a “miracle tiger” has been released back into the wild, nearly two … Continued

10 lethal animal encounters that could have totally been avoided

Wild animals are beautiful to look at… or at least they are from afar. That’s because wild animals are exactly that–wild. That means you’re probably best to stay far away and to not try and tame them as pets or snuggle up to them in order to snap a selfie. Yet every year we hear … Continued

This disturbing video shows why you should never visit a wild animal circus

Warning: some will find the above video distressing. In 2015, an eyewitness visited Suzhou, China—which encompasses more than 300 circuses—to go undercover inside 10 different circuses and animal training facilities. What they documented is eye-opening, heart-wrenching and disturbing. Behind-the-scenes footage, published today for the first time by PETA, shows bears forced to stand on two legs or face … Continued

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‘Problem' predators—The human-wildlife conflicts where nobody wins

As natural habitats around the world are stripped of their natural resources and built upon, local wildlife becomes increasingly threatened by the most dangerous animal of all: humans. Areas that were once wild are turned into villages, towns and agricultural plots. Generations of animals are cleared out, forced to look for homes elsewhere. Those who … Continued

Dead cubs and body parts discovered at popular Thai Tiger Temple, as Buddhist monks accused of cruelty

The frozen remains of 40 dead tiger cubs have been discovered by wildlife officials at a Buddhist Temple in Thailand, where a monk has also been detained and accused of smuggling animal parts. The gruesome finds came to light on Wednesday and Thursday, during the authorities’ on-going operation to remove and relocate all 137 living … Continued

Roar deal: Tigers officially extinct in Cambodia, but government plans to bring big cats back from the dead

Conservationists in Cambodia have conceded that tigers are ‘functionally extinct’ in the country. The kingdom’s forests were once patrolled by a healthy numbers of magnificent Indochinese tigers, but World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) this week reported that poaching has wiped the Cambodian population out completely, with the big cats and their prey species both … Continued

American tigers for sale

Want to know a frightening fact? There may be more captive tigers in the United States than left in the Asian wild. And these American tigers aren’t being born and bred in accredited zoos or academic settings, they’re backyard big cats. You read the headline right—thousands of tigers and lions are being privately held on … Continued